Multo-row panoramic



Put simply, a multi-row panoramic is a  high definition photograph made up from a series of smaller overlapping images that are then “stitched” together to make one very high resolution picture. This technique is known in the photo industry as a gigapixel.




Before raising the mast, we carefully calibrate the equipment for each panoramic picture. First we align the camera and head to an exact position, next we connect our laptop computer via a bluetooth device and pre program our tracking software . Finally the mast is raised into the  position and when ready the software commands the  robotic head,  the camera will now shoot 12 slightly overlapping photos on 2 different rows, 6 photos below and 6 photos above. The result can be seen below.





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CLICK HERE TO SEE FINISHED IMAGE                                                                                                                                                           (Please allow a  little longer for this image to load)                                                                           




  • Because the images are very high quality this allows the end user will have greater flexibility to zoom and crop the image into various creative compositions.
  • We shoot in panorama (wide angle), our photos are so wide and high the final image often looks like it was taken from an aircraft. 
  • Perfect for full screen background websites, our images translate perfectly to the internet. 
  • Our photos are so wide and high the final image often looks like it was taken from an aircraft.
  • Higher resolution means the images will our images will print in great detail and look great big.